Thursday, February 7, 2008

Case of Esophageal Cancer treated with Homeopathy

This is the case of a 74 year old railway policeman, Mr. R. S., who came from a small village in Bihar, India. Since one and a half month, there was a mass detected in his upper gastro-intestinal tract at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. The mass was confirmed to be malignant and the diagnosis of Carcinoma of the Esophagus was established. The upper G.I. endoscopy revealed that there was an ulcerated lesion in the upper third of the Esophagus with a stricture formation.

His complaints were as follows:

  • Inability to swallow any solids; due to this, the patient was on a liquid diet
  • Reflux after eating food

Only first dose of chemotherapy had been given when the case was reported to us. He discontinued Chemotherapy and opted for Homeopathic treatment instead.

In spite of knowing about the gravity of his disease, there was no discouragement or fear in him; in fact, he was very much balanced and not much worried about his condition.

He had been in the railway police and said, “I have never done anything dishonest in my life- that is why I have so much of peace of Mind. I have a very relaxed life and want to live peacefully with my grandchildren.”

Due to his extremely sensitive nature, he would not be able to bear to see others suffering and would feel very bad. Sympathy for others and intolerance to injustice were other prominent features of his personality.

Weeping tendency was a marked symptom seen in this case, especially when he would be at a funeral or while watching a sad movie. Fear was conspicuous by its absence and his following statement confirmed this: ‘Death is going to come, nobody can stop it.’

Being the eldest child in the family, responsibilities had been put on his shoulders at a tender age and this had led him to quit studies (which he was good at) and take up a job. His ambition to pursue a good career was left unfulfilled and there was a silent, lasting grief about the same.

On the physical front, following features were noted:

  • Normal appetite; mixed (vegetarian + non-vegetarian) diet
  • Marked desire for sweets
  • Also desired salty things, milk, cereals
  • Desire for food to be very hot
  • Poor thirst

On examination findings:

Wt: 70 kg
Blood pressure: 140/ 80 mm of Hg
Warts on the face+

The following Rubrics were selected for Repertorisation:

  • Responsibility: Strong
  • Injustice, cannot support
  • Sympathetic, compassionate
  • Weeping, tendency
  • Grief: Silent
  • Fearlessness
  • Desires Sweets
  • Desires Hot food
  • Thirstlessness
  • Swallowing: Difficult: Solids: Agg
  • Face: Warts

Based on the above totality, the patient was prescribed the indicated remedy for his complaints on 22/09/2001.

On 6/10/2001, he reported that difficulty in swallowing was better than before. Sleep had improved in quality though the sleeping hours were lesser than before. There was congestion of throat and salivation ++ on examination. The same dosage was continued.

Another 2 weeks later, on 22/10/2001, the patient mentioned that he could now eat Khichadi (a form of rice preparation, which is very soft). The next higher potency of the medication was prescribed.

7/11/2001: In the patient’s words: “I am feeling 50% better. I can have solid food now and face some difficulty only when swallowing Roti (pancake type bread).”

13/12/2001: Patient started feeling much better in general and started taking his regular meals.
The medication was continued later based on the feedbacks given by him over telephone. He continued to do well.

On 21/6/2002, his Endoscopy was repeated at the same Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and the report was normal this time. The patient could now eat and drink anything without any difficulty. His treatment was discontinued after some time and he was asked to report to us in case any complaints occurred anytime in future.

Summary of Reports:

Before treatment:
The Histopathology report from the biopsy of the Esophagus:

Micro Sections show fibrous tissue infiltration by a tumor by lobules and clusters of malignant epithelial cells having pleomorphic hypochromic nuclei exhibiting increased mitosis. Keratinization not present, secondary chronic inflammation is present. Poorly differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Upper G.I. Endoscopy: An ulcerated lesion in the upper third of the esophagus with a stricture formation.

After treatment:
Upper G.I. Endoscopy: Normal


Kelila said...

Interesting to know.

Yogesh said...

The case report should be supported with scientific proof and the treatment provided so that other investigators could do their own prospective study to verify your claim.

Dr Y.K.Saxena

drtiwari said...

The case report is incomplete as it does not reveal the name of medicine, why secracy?

Anonymous said...

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Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

my mother has recently undergone surgery fr removal of oesophagus...she is still debilitated n there is a bit of the cancerous tissue left s it was stuck to the windpipe...would really be interested to try a homeopathic route to cure as her wt is only 40kg n age 76.....

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